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The workplace can be replete with opportunities for employee injuries. Slippery surfaces, heavy machinery without guardrails, and dangerous power tools are just three examples of the many hazards employees in Seattle may face daily. If you or someone you love suffered serious injuries on the job, you may have grounds for compensation. The Seattle work injuries lawyer at Washington Injury Law can help you seek recovery through a workers’ compensation claim and/or a personal injury lawsuit. Start by requesting a free consultation.

Why Choose Washington Injury Law?

  • We have a deep understanding of work injury claims in Washington. Our lawyers know workers’ compensation laws and how best to handle these types of claims.
  • We are not afraid to take work injury cases to court. Our Seattle personal injury law firm has plenty of trial experience and can take your case where it needs to go for the best possible results.
  • We operate on a contingency fee basis. We make hiring a lawyer simple. Our lawyers only charge fees if they win the client’s case.

Do You Need a Seattle Work Injuries Attorney?

Work injury cases can be difficult to navigate as an injured worker. You should be focusing on your personal healing, not on complicated legal matters. Your accident may have caused a temporary or permanent disability, and the need to find work elsewhere. You may have lost a beloved family member. You need to speak to a Seattle work injury lawyer after a serious work accident cases because a lawyer will work for you, not for an insurance company. A  Seattle personal injury lawyer can do everything possible to maximize your financial recovery.

Common Types of Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Different places of employment can pose different threats to the safety and health of employees. The type of workplace can determine the unique risks workers may face. It is every employer’s duty to maintain a reasonably safe workspace. Failure to do so could result in preventable accidents and injuries.

  • Slip and fall
  • Struck-by object
  • Repetitive motion or stress injuries
  • Heatstroke
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Transportation accidents
  • Workplace violence
  • Burn injuries

Workers can suffer broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, burns, electrocutions, muscle sprains, spinal cord injuries, and a range of other harms while on the job. Others may never recover from their injuries, leaving behind devastated dependents. An injured worker’s outlets for financial recovery may not only include workers’ compensation. He or she may also have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

Washington Workers’ Compensation Laws

The workers’ compensation program in Washington provides a way for injured employees to obtain financial relief for their medical bills and lost wages without having to prove anyone’s liability for the accident. In exchange, however, the employee signs away the right to file a lawsuit against the employer. To obtain workers’ compensation in Washington, the injured employee must report the incident to an employer within 30 days. The employer then has seven days to file an official claim with the insurance company.

Is Someone Else Liable?

If you take the workers’ compensation claim route, you will not have to worry about liability for your accident. Workers’ compensation, however, may not be the best route to take if you have serious, debilitating, or costly personal injuries and you believe someone else’s negligence caused them.

A negligence lawsuit against your employer or another party could result in greater compensation for your damages. You could receive payment for medical bills, 100% of lost wages, and pain and suffering – not just two-thirds lost wages and medical expenses. If you think someone else should be financially responsible for your losses, speak to an attorney about the possibility of filing a lawsuit.

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Washington Injury Law has years of experience in work injuries and related claims. We understand how the law works in Washington and can help you and your family fight for fair financial recovery. No matter the nature or circumstances of your job-related injury, contact us to discuss your rights.