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Any accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians almost always lead to the pedestrian suffering the brunt of the damage. If you or a loved one recently sustained an injury while walking in Seattle due to a negligent driver or another party, the Seattle pedestrian accident lawyer at Washington Injury Law want to hear from you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and speak with a pedestrian accident attorney about your options for recovery.

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Why Choose Washington Injury Law?

Retaining the services of a Washington Injury Law Seattle personal injury attorney can help you in your personal injury claim for a pedestrian accident.

  • Washington Injury Law has extensive experience with all types of personal injury claims in Seattle. We can handle the most complicated Seattle pedestrian accident cases.
  • Our law firm will explore every available avenue of compensation for your damages.
  • Our Seattle pedestrian accident lawyers keep our clients updated with case developments as they happen and handle all legal issues on behalf of our clients so they can focus on recovery.
  • Washington Injury Law offers contingency fee billing, ensuring you only pay legal fees once we win your case.

Hiring a Seattle pedestrian accident attorney not only increases your chance of success in a pedestrian accident claim but will also likely yield more compensation than you could have secured on your own.

What Will a Seattle Pedestrian Accident Attorney Do for Me?

A pedestrian accident attorney in Seattle does more than just represent clients in a trial. They assist in all the aspects of your personal injury claim. This includes collecting evidence, conducting a thorough investigation into your claim to ensure all your avenues for recovery are comprehensively analyzed. Additionally, pedestrian accident attorneys in Seattle can coordinate with professional expert witnesses to testify in support of your claim if necessary and even handle correspondence with insurance companies on your behalf.

What Can Cause a Pedestrian Accident in Seattle?

In most cases, pedestrian accidents can be caused by both the driver and the pedestrian. Distractions for pedestrians include reading while walking, not being aware of you surroundings, listening to music, or paying attention to a cellphone instead of looking both ways.

For drivers, distracted driving is the main reason for involvement in a pedestrian-related accident. To avoid this, it’s important for a driver to limit removing their hands from the steering wheel and their eyes from the road in front of them. Distracted driving can also lead to other accidents including hit and run accidents, head-on collisions and rear-end accidents.

Common Injuries in Seattle Pedestrian Accident Claims

According to the CDC, almost 129,000 pedestrians were treated for car accident in Seattle and crash-related injuries in 2015. Some of the most common injuries seen in pedestrian accident claims include bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Some of these injuries may heal in time, but others may lead to permanent medical complications like paralysis, limited motor function, and in serious cases, wrongful death.

Even if a pedestrian feels his or her wounds are minor, he or she should seek medical care immediately after an accident. A doctor can examine the victim for signs of internal injuries he or she cannot yet feel and provide a medical report that outlines the victim’s injuries, prognosis, and treatment plan. This will be an essential document if the victim decides to take legal action against the party responsible for the accident.

What Are Types of Damages and Compensation in Pedestrian Accident Claims?

Washington follows a pure comparative negligence law, meaning a plaintiff can still recover damages if he or she was partially responsible for causing those damages. Even if a pedestrian jaywalked or ran into the road, the driver still has a higher duty of care to prevent injuries to pedestrians, and the fault for the accident would fall mostly on the driver.

Plaintiffs who succeed with their pedestrian accident lawsuits can secure compensation for lost income, medical expenses, property damage, and pain and suffering resulting from their injuries. The more severe the injuries, the greater the potential recovery. Additionally, some plaintiffs may receive punitive damages if a defendant’s negligence was especially egregious, involved any criminal activity, or resulted from an intentional tort.

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If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to a negligent driver in Seattle and are unsure about how to approach a pedestrian accident lawsuit, contact Washington Injury Law today. Schedule a consultation with one of our Seattle pedestrian accident lawyers so you can better understand your legal position.