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Property owners must ensure their properties are safe for visitors, customers, and business people with permission to enter. If you or a relative sustained an injury while lawfully visiting someone else’s property, you could have grounds for a premises liability claim against the property owner. Contact Washington Injury Law today to schedule a consultation with a Seattle premises liability attorney and learn more about your legal options for recovery.

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  • The Seattle personal injury attorneys have extensive experience handling the most difficult personal injury claims, including premises liability claims.
  • We will exhaust every available route to compensation to maximize your recovery.
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Your Seattle premises liability lawyer will be a major factor in the outcome of your premises liability lawsuit, so it is crucial to find one who can represent your interests and aid in your recovery.

Why Hire a Seattle Premises Liability Lawyer?

Premises liability claims can be very complicated, especially when determining liability and calculating the exact damages. Attempting to pursue a premises liability claim without an attorney could jeopardize your chance of recovering compensation.

Your attorney can not only represent you in court but also negotiate on your behalf with insurance carriers, minimizing the chance of insurance claims adjusters pushing back against your legitimate claim for coverage. A Seattle premises liability attorney can gather evidence, subpoena records and data from surveillance cameras if necessary, and assist with all other legal aspects of your premises liability claim. Ultimately, hiring a lawyer will almost always lead to more compensation than you originally expected for your premises liability claim.

Elements of a Premises Liability Claim

Washington state law requires all property owners to maintain safe premises for lawful visitors. Lawful visitors include licensees with the property owner’s express permission to enter the property for personal reasons and invitees with the property owner’s express or implied permission to enter the property for their own purposes, such as salespeople and mail carriers.

Premises liability injuries can include slip and falls, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and more.

Property owners must account for any foreseeable risks of injury these individuals may encounter while visiting their properties, such as a car accident in the parking lot, and take appropriate steps to either correct those issues or prevent them from causing injuries by clearly marking them or verbally warning guests and visitors. Property owners do not owe a duty of care to trespassers. If a trespasser suffers an injury, he or she has no grounds for a lawsuit against the property owner, except in rare cases involving children who lack the same caution as adults.

Succeeding With Your Premises Liability Lawsuit

The concept of foreseeability is central to most premises liability lawsuits. If the injury-causing element of the property would have been a foreseeable and preventable risk to another reasonable adult in the same situation, the plaintiff will likely succeed with his or her lawsuit. The plaintiff’s attorney must prove the property owner either knew or reasonably should have known about the dangerous element and then, establish that the dangerous element was the sole cause of the plaintiff’s damages.

A plaintiff who succeeds with a premises liability claim can secure compensation for any and all damages resulting from the injury. This may include hospital bills, long-term treatment costs, lost income, and lost future earning capacity. Plaintiffs may also receive compensation for their physical pain and emotional suffering, and a jury may award punitive damages to punish egregious negligence or criminal behavior on the part of the defendant.

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If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to negligent care of a property, negligent security, or any other failing of a property owner, contact Washington Injury Law today to schedule a consultation. One of our Seattle premises liability attorneys will review the details of your situation, assess the merit of your claim and your likelihood of success, and let you know how our firm can help with your recovery.