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Insurance companies hold a great deal of power during the claims process – you cannot control the manner in which they control their finances or approach your claim, and the company holds far greater negotiating power. As such, the law assumes that your relationship exists according to good faith that your company will treat you fairly. Unfortunately, some insurance companies act in a manner that abuses good faith. If you believe you or a loved one is experiencing bad faith insurance, it is imperative that you contact our Seattle bad faith insurance attorney for a free consultation.

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● Our firm has a great deal of experience within Seattle and the surrounding area regarding bad faith insurance and the optimal steps for obtaining a fair settlement for your claim.

● Our Seattle personal injury attorneys will work diligently to produce the best possible outcome for your case, ensuring that your insurance company processes your claim fairly.

● We strongly believe that all clients should experience transparent, open communication and the ability to reach a Seattle insurance bad faith attorney at all times, instead of an assistant or office personnel.

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What Is Insurance Bad Faith Law In Washington?

Bad faith insurance elements differ from state to state. However, every state holds that insurance companies have a legal duty to act in good faith and treat clients fairly when handling their claims. Such fairness is the primary element Washington highlights when defining bad faith insurance practices.

State laws require all insurance companies to continue to preserve the meaning behind and integrity of insurance policies. Primarily, the law means that insurance companies must not deceive the insured, and must be honest and equitable in all decisions. Ultimately, companies must also adhere to what we call the equal consideration rule – insurance companies must not put their own interests ahead of the insured; instead, insurance companies must treat the insured as equals.

What Constitutes Insurance Bad Faith?

If an insurance company denies a claim, under the equal consideration rule, it must consider your rights equally to its own. However, common sense dictates that it is in the best interest of the insurance company to deny claims, in order to avoid paying out money. It is essential that the insurance company adequately justify the denial of claims.

If your insurance company denies your claim with no apparent reason, it potentially acted in bad faith. However, the insurance company may, in fact, have good reason to deny the claim that is not apparent to you. It is important to recognize the elements of bad faith before proceeding with litigation.

Do You Have a Case for Insurance Bad Faith in Seattle?

If your claim denial seems unreasonable and withheld benefits due under the policy unreasonably, your insurance company potentially acted in bad faith. First, it is important to determine whether your claim denial adheres to any of the basic elements of bad faith denials:

● Your company fraudulently represented your coverage. If your insurance company officially misrepresented your coverage or withheld provisions affecting your coverage, it may result in a bad faith denial.

● Your company failed to recognize your claim at all or did not act promptly after receiving the claim.

● Your company failed to approve or deny your claim, even after you submitted adequate proof of your loss and adequate documentation of your coverage.

● Your company failed to provide you with a reasonable explanation for your denial, even after the request of written proof.

● Your company lacks published, reasonable standards for the acceptance and denial of claims.

Contact a Seattle Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

Our insurance bad faith attorneys have a wealth of knowledge of the insurance industry as well as in the area of bad faith claims. Your attorney will determine whether bad faith exists, and advise you regarding your next steps, including the advisability of legal action. If the next step includes litigation, our Insurance bad faith attorneys possess the experience necessary to take your case to trial and obtain the best possible outcome for your claim. If you believe you experienced bad faith insurance, contact Washington Injury Law for a free consultation.