Seattle Vehicle Rollover Accident Lawyer

A vehicle rollover can cause serious and debilitating injuries. Someone else may be responsible for causing your recent rollover accident, such as another driver or a vehicle manufacturer. If you suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one in a rollover accident in Seattle, speaking to an attorney could help you obtain compensation and move on. The Seattle vehicle rollover accident attorney at Washington Injury Law has experience handling these types of cases and can help you seek justice for your serious injuries.

Why Choose Washington Injury law?

  • We understand the ways insurance companies try to take advantage of claimants. Do not argue your rollover claim alone. Let your Seattle personal injury attorney make sure you obtain a fair settlement.
  • We know how to fight for fair compensation. A vehicle rollover could cause debilitating injuries. Our trial lawyers can take your case to court for full compensation if insurance settlement negotiations do not yield high enough results.
  • We only charge for our legal services if we win you a monetary award. Our vehicle rollover accident lawyers in Seattle are a contingency fee-based law firm. You won’t pay anything for our services unless we win your case.

How Can a Seattle Vehicle Rollover Accident Attorney Help?

One of the most difficult aspects of a vehicle rollover claim is dealing with insurance companies. Insurance claims adjusters want clients to settle for as little compensation as possible. They typically know less about the accident than the victim. When you hire a vehicle rollover accident lawyer in Seattle to take care of your rollover claim, you can ensure the insurance company does not convince you to settle for less than your case is worth. Your Seattle vehicle rollover accident lawyer can negotiate your claim, so you do not have to.

Vehicle Rollover Accident Injuries

When a motor vehicle rolls onto its side or flips, occupants can suffer catastrophic injuries. Some victims may never fully recover from their injuries – or walk away at all. Even if occupants are wearing their seat-belts, they could suffer life-changing injuries.

Medical bills after a rollover accident could amount to thousands of dollars. If you do not know how you will pay these bills, or recover financially from missing work, contact an attorney. A Seattle vehicle rollover accident lawyer can help you determine liability and fight for fair financial recovery.

What are Common Causes of Vehicle Rollover Accidents in Seattle?

A vehicle may flip or rollover if something goes wrong. If the tire blows out because of a pothole or a defect, it could cause the driver to lose control and the vehicle to flip. A vehicle that has an unsafe, top-heavy design (like many SUVs), could be more prone to rollovers. If a driver yanks the wheel and over-corrects, the vehicle may roll. A commercial truck driver using an incorrect braking technique down a steep hill could cause the truck to roll. Identifying the precise reason the vehicle rolled over in your accident case may take a professional investigation.

Determining Liability for a Vehicle Rollover

Liability for your vehicle rollover in Seattle depends on the cause of the accident or injuries. Common liable parties include auto manufacturers, negligent drivers, and the city for lack of roadway maintenance. Your claim may take the form of a product liability lawsuit, case against the government, or a personal injury suit depending on the circumstances. A lawyer can help you navigate your claim no matter what type it is necessary to fight for compensation. Our lawyers know exactly how to help in all types of accident claims.

Request a Free Consultation With Our Seattle Vehicle Rollover Accident Lawyer

Washington Injury Law can help you and your family after a disastrous vehicle rollover. Whether you know exactly why your crash happened or you need investigators to gather evidence on your behalf, we have the resources to do the job. Begin your case with a free consultation at our Seattle office. Our vehicle rollover attorneys are happy to discuss your case. Contact us for more information.