The 5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Injuries are an unfortunate part of car accidents, and they are not uncommon in Washington. During the latest reporting year in the state, there were over 100,000 total crashes. Out of those, there were:

  • 2,257 suspected serious injuries
  • 9,978 suspected minor injuries
  • 22,382 possible injuries

The Top 5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Any car accident involves thousands of pounds of weight, and even low-speed crashes can result in passengers being harmed. While there is a range of injuries that can occur in a car accident, there are some that happen more often than others.

1.     Head Injuries

Head injuries are common after a car accident. A collision can cause a person’s head to strike the steering wheel, windshield, or the side window. This can lead to open head injuries such as lacerations, bruises, and broken bones in the face. Blows to the head can also lead to traumatic brain injuries such as concussions, brain swelling, etc.

2.     Chest Injuries

Car accidents can cause damage to a person’s body if their chest strikes the dashboard or the steering wheel. The force of a crash can also lead to the seat belt causing chest injuries. Broken ribs or a common injury in a car accident, as are severe contusions. In some cases, the force of a crash can lead to internal organ damage or internal bleeding.

3.     Injuries to Limbs

There is a limited amount of space in a vehicle, so any impact can cause a person’s limbs to come into contact with a part of the vehicle. This could include the dashboard, the door, the console, or the front seats. Serious accidents often lead to broken or dislocated limbs. Shoulder injuries are also a common occurrence, particularly in side-impact crashes.

4.     Whiplash and Soft Tissue Injuries

Whiplash is common in many car accidents and is considered a soft tissue injury. Whiplash occurs when the force of a crash causes a person’s head to whip back and forth, stretching the muscles and ligaments in a person’s neck and upper back. Other soft tissue injuries in a car accident include damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons in a person’s middle and lower back.

5.     Lacerations

Lacerations in a car accident can happen in various ways. Often, a person is cut by objects flying around inside the vehicle during a crash. Crash victims can also suffer lacerations due to the airbag being deployed. Severe lacerations can occur when portions of the vehicle are collapsed in on a person in a serious crash.

Always seek medical care

You should always seek medical treatment after a car crash, even if you think your injuries are minor or you feel no pain. Please understand that many people experience delayed injuries in the aftermath of a crash. Some signs and symptoms of crash injuries do not appear for hours or even days after a crash occurs.

By seeking immediate medical care, you are looking out for your well-being. You are also ensuring that the crash is linked directly to your injuries, something that will help when determining an insurance settlement or in a personal injury lawsuit against an at-fault driver.

Car accident injuries can lead to major medical expenses and lost income if you are unable to work while you recover. The injuries listed above, as well as other crash injuries, can seriously impact a car accident victim and their family.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident, contact the Seattle car accident attorney at Washington Injury Law.