Washington Motorized Scooter Helmet Laws

Scooters have become more popular and widely used throughout the state. Perhaps you have seen various companies rent out electric scooters around the state of Washington, including Lime and Bird. However, these electric scooters have become significant hazards, particularly when scooter riders collide with other people, vehicles, or fixed objects. Here, we want to discuss… read more

Medical Conditions That Result From Pituitary Gland Damage

The pituitary gland is a little endocrine gland located near the base of our brains. This gland is responsible for releasing several important hormones and also controls the function of various other endocrine system glands. There are various types of conditions that can affect the pituitary gland. Here, please review some of these conditions. How… read more

[Study] Causes of Teen Car Accidents

Teenagers receiving their driver’s permit or driver’s license is a significant milestone in their lives. It is a rite of passage that provides them with a newfound independence and freedom. Along with the excitement of driving comes serious responsibility to keep teenage drivers and other drivers on the road safe. Before parents and guardians hand… read more