Does the State of Washington Require a Motorcycle Rider to Wear a Helmet?

Motorcycle helmets save lives, and state law requires motorcycle riders to wear them. However, there are specific requirements regarding what actually constitutes an approved motorcycle helmet. Here, we want to review Washington’s motorcycle helmet law and discuss what characteristics an approved helmet must have. What the State Law Says When examining RCW 46.37.530, that it… read more

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Washington

When we examine the public portal that displays the total number of crashes that occur in Washington, we can see that there were nearly 2,000 total motorcycle collisions during the most recent reporting year. This information provided by the Washington State Department of Transportation indicates that 125 of these collisions were fatal, and more than… read more

Lane Splitting vs Lane Weaving in Washington

Motorcyclists in the state of Washington will understand what lane splitting and lane weaving are. These are two separate types of maneuvers that motorcyclists can perform on the roadway. However, both of these maneuvers are illegal in Washington. Here, we want to more thoroughly define lane splitting and lane weaving. Understanding Lane Splitting Lane splitting… read more

What is a Motorcycle Crash Bar?

Avid motorcyclists know that they take certain risks when they head out on the roadway. Accidents involving motorcycles versus traditional passenger vehicles often result in significant injuries for the motorcyclist. However, there are ways to reduce motorcycle accident injuries and property damage. A motorcycle crash bar is a piece of equipment that attaches to the… read more