How Soon After a Car Accident Should I See a Doctor?

The last thing anybody wants is to be involved in a vehicle accident that causes an injury or property damage. The immediate aftermath of a vehicle collision is often incredibly confusing and can be a scary experience for drivers and passengers. There are various steps that any person involved in a collision needs to take in order to receive maximum compensation for their claim. However, the most important thing that a vehicle accident victim can do is seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Seeking medical care ensures your well-being

Before contacting a Seattle car accident lawyer, the first thing you need to do is perform a self-assessment to check for any injuries. Then, you need to check your passengers and any other person involved in the collision for any injuries. Any person who has been injured must seek medical care immediately. The most prudent thing to do is to call 911 to report the accident. This way, you can ensure that law enforcement officials and EMS are on the way to the scene of the crash.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, you need to let the paramedics take you to the hospital immediately. Alternatively, you may choose to let someone drive you to the emergency room, to an emergency care facility, or to your family doctor. Regardless of what route you choose, the most important thing to do is to seek medical care as soon as possible after a collision occurs.

Seeking medical care links the collision with the injuries

By seeking immediate medical care after a vehicle collision, you are not only caring for your well-being, but you are also establishing a link between the crash and your injuries. While this may not seem like a big deal right away, this will be incredibly beneficial when it comes to securing compensation for your losses.

Insurance carriers will look for any reason to delay or deny a claim. If the at-fault party’s insurance carrier notices that you delayed seeking medical treatment after the accident, they may try to say that you were not actually injured in the incident. Seek medical care as soon as possible so that you do not give the insurance carrier the chance to say that your injuries did not occur in the collision.

Delayed injury symptoms after a car accident

In the aftermath of a vehicle accident, it is not uncommon for victims to feel no pain at all, even if they have actually sustained substantial external or internal injuries. That is because the adrenaline running through our bodies after a collision can mask the signs and symptoms of severe injuries. As the adrenaline begins to wear off, various symptoms may begin to appear. It is not uncommon for the signs and symptoms of car accident injuries to appear hours or even days after the incident occurs.

Some of the most common delayed injury symptoms that victims need to be aware of after a collision include the following:

  • Headaches
  • Back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Numbness in the extremities
  • Abdominal pain
  • Mood or behavioral changes

If you or a loved one begin to experience any delayed injury symptoms in the aftermath of a car accident, seek medical assistance immediately. Delayed injury symptoms are often indicative of much more severe injuries than you are aware of.