4 Ways That Insurance Companies Take Advantage of Accident Victims

If you recently suffered injuries in a car accident in Seattle, you may feel disoriented and confused. It is important to remember that many people could take advantage of you in this situation – including insurance companies. These companies may employ certain strategies to limit their costs and offer you a lower settlement than you need to recover. It’s important to have a  Seattle personal injury lawyer that is ready to fight for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

#1: Insurance Companies Pretend That They Are on Your Side

Insurance claims adjusters and other personnel often imply that they are assisting you with your car insurance claim. They suggest that they are doing everything in their power to close your case and ensure that you get the settlement you deserve. They may act very friendly and sympathetic to your condition. Of course, this strategy is a very common and effective method to gain your trust.

It is important to understand that insurance companies are not on your side. It is not in the company’s best interest to provide you with the highest settlement possible. In fact, it is their goal to provide you with a low-ball offer in the hopes of minimizing their losses and closing the case as quickly as possible.

#2: Insurance Adjusters Suggest You Provide a Statement

One of the most common strategies insurance companies will employ will be to convince you to record a statement. They will tell you that you must immediately make a statement listing your injuries and damages and convince you that the purpose of this statement is to speed up your settlement. However, the goal of this statement is to get you to admit that you are at least partially at fault for your accident, downplay your injuries, or confuse your account of the accident.

The purpose of this statement is to undermine your claim and justify the company’s decision to offer you a lower settlement. Adjusters may record your statement to use against you in a trial. Whatever you do, do not make a statement to an insurance adjuster before speaking to your attorney.

#3: Insurance Adjusters May Track Your Social Media

Now that nearly everyone has some sort of social media presence, insurance companies may use your online activity to their advantage. This new tactic involves insurance adjusters following you on social media and tracking your activity. The company may see if you talk about the accident on your accounts and if you say something that suggests that you are partially liable. In addition, the company may try to see if you are participating in activities that could undermine the severity of your injuries.

The company may use photos, videos, or other evidence of you working, playing sports, going to parties, or engaging in other activities that you should not be able to with serious injuries. They may use this evidence to undermine your claim. Never accept an unknown request on social media, do not talk about your accident online, and keep your online presence minimal following your accident.

#4: Your Insurance Company May Offer You an Early Settlement

Another common tactic is that your adjuster may offer you an early settlement immediately after the accident. As tempted as you may be to receive these funds faster, do not accept this settlement. You may not know the extent of your injuries and damages at this time. Speak to a personal injury attorney in Seattle about your damages first to evaluate if you are receiving a fair offer.

To avoid falling victim to these strategies, contact us for a free consultation.